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Shure P3R PSM300 Wireless Bodypack Receiver (Freq: G20)

Model: P3R-G20

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About: Shure P3R PSM300 Wireless Bodypack Receiver (Freq: G20)

With its slim, lightweight, durable design, the P3R offers reliable wireless freedom that covers every corner of the stage, with up to 300 feet (90 meters) of range. Simply connect a set of earphones and adjust the controls to create a wireless personal mix.
Patented Audio Reference Companding and 24-bit digital audio clarity ensure the clearest sound, with ultra-low noise and no artifacts.


  • One-touch frequency scan and automatic frequency selection enables quick setup and connection to a P3T transmitter via IR sync
  • MixMode® technology enables adjustment of two independent monitoring mix levels
  • Stereo mode enables adjustment of left / right balance
  • Volume knob and mix control are easy to adjust
  • Power save mode preserves battery life when earphones are not connected     
  • Battery status LEDs provide clear indication of remaining charge

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Reviews: Shure P3R PSM300 Wireless Bodypack Receiver (Freq: G20)

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Warranty: Shure P3R PSM300 Wireless Bodypack Receiver (Freq: G20) Warranty:

30 Days

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2-year limited

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