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JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehersal Studio

Model: GreenRoom

JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehersal Studio
JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehersal Studio
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About: JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehersal Studio

JamHub's GreenRoom studio is a performance machine, expanding on the BedRoom's legendary utility with room for two more, one SoleMix Remote in the box, 4 SoleMix remote ports, phantom power, and a direct USB line out for recording.

It's a headphone mixer for the masses, capable of sliding seamlessly into your rehearsal space, studio, or stage rig to give up to 7 players completely independent monitor mixes.

The Perfect Mix

If you're going to work hard to perfect the song, why not start with the tools for the perfect practice? Affordable, portable, and built to withstand the rigors of the lifestyle, JamHub studios let you dial in the perfect mix, every time, on the fly. You never have to fight the room again, so you can actually hear the band clearly and hear your part in it.

Play Like a Pro

Professional musicians play all day every day, so they learn the value of a good mix. They need to hear everything and that's why they use headphones in the studio and why they often use In-Ear monitors on stage. When you isolate yourself from a muddy sounding room you can clearly hear each individual instrument, making it much easier to lock in and find your place in a song. When you can hear everything, a whole new world of musical texture opens up, you can hear the quality of your instrument or voice, making it easier to play better and to be inspired by your sound.

Open Your Schedule

Crank it up in your headphones without affecting the outside world. When you take advantage of modeling gear with line-outs to get your tone instead of speakers, you can take your music to a whole new level. Practice whenever, wherever. Suddenly you're not competing to be heard or concerned with sound leaving the room and disrupting others.

Using an acoustic drum kit? When you practice with a JamHub studio, suddenly it's the loudest instrument in the band, making sound levels much more manageable than with a full PA, and the drummer can actually hear what everyone else is doing. Guitar player doesn't have a line out on their amplifier? Turn it down, mic it, and jack the volume in your headphones, you'll be amazed at how lush the tone is.

Get Wired


Musicians hear "In-Ear" and automatically think expensive wireless gear for huge amphitheater shows. But it's the small stages where we really need the maximum sonic control provided by In-Ears, without any need for a wireless rig. The JamHub GreenRoom studio lets you break away from the "IEM = wireless" idea with a simple, affordable stage monitoring solution. Wired In-Ear monitors are much easier to use, never run out of batteries or experience channel crosstalk, and the IEM's isolation properties make them better for your hearing. Just snake the monitor cable up with your other cables for easy chord management, and clip it to your pocket to take the weight off for extra comfort and stability.


Mix On Stage

If sound quality matters to you when you perform, then you've already developed a healthy dislike for wedge monitors. Small clubs use them because they're an affordable, understood way to let the band hear. But they ruin your tone, bouncing unmixed sound off the wall and shooting it straight back out to the audience at a noticeable lag.

By coupling a JamHub GreenRoom with a signal splitter on stage, you get the perfect monitor mix and eliminate the need for wedge monitors, leaving clean, unaffected for your audience. Plus they look mighty slick! It's better for you, better for the audience, and that's better for your music.

Phantom Power

The JamHub GreenRoom studio is perfect for vocalists and instrumentalists who care deeply about their tone. Power up all your 48V condenser microphones with the push of a button, so you can enjoy rich, warm, stereo sound when you jam.

The Good Stuff

With independent sections for 7 musicians, 7 stereo instrument inputs, 7 microphone inputs, 21 channels, phantom power, full stereo sound, 1 SoleMix remote in the box, 4 SoleMix remote jacks, 16 24-bit vocal effects, and all the potential in the world, the GreenRoom isn't just where you're at, it's where you're going, and how you'll get there.Because getting better as a band is the fastest way to better gigs, more fans, and more of the music you love to play.

Digital Recording

GreenRoom features a convenient USB out mixed in the R section for seamless digital recording on almost any computer. It's the easiest way to record demos and practice sessions that are a cut above the rest.


  • Up to 7 musicians
  • 21 audio channels
  • 7 XLR and TRS input jacks
  • 4 SoleMix remote jacks (1 remote included)
  • USB out for direct recording to computer
  • Supports Tracker MT16
  • Phantom Power (+48v)

What's in the JamHub GreenRoom kit?

  • JamHub GreenRoom
  • One JamHub SoleMix® remotes
  • JamHub power supply
  • Two mono-to-stereo adapter (for mono cable emergencies)
  • JamHub GreenRoom quick start guide
  • JamHub manual
  • JamHub sticker

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