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Samson Go Mic Connect Portable Stereo USB Microphone


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About: Samson Go Mic Connect Portable Stereo USB Microphone

Samson's Go Mic Connect Portable Stereo USB Microphone is one of the most advanced audio solutions for computer recording and VoIP communication. Combining patented Sound Focus Array and Noise Cancellation technology, the Go Mic Connect creates a unique pickup pattern that focuses the microphone’s sensitivity toward the desired sound source. This ensures only clean, high-integrity audio reaches your computer applications.

At the core of the Go Mic Connect is its advanced, unique version of the Samson Sound Deck software. Sound Deck allows the focus array to be positioned and toggled on and off. Once set, all sound that originates outside the focus area is significantly reduced, making the Go Mic Connect ideal for conferences, business communication and mobile recording. Sound Deck's Noise Cancellation improves intelligibility of the audio heard through VoIP communication, while the Echo Cancellation reduces echo or feedback caused by monitoring audio with speakers during recording.

Go Mic Connect features a custom, compact design that clips to the top of your laptop or computer monitor, as well as internally shock-mounted dual microphone capsules and a headphone output for zero-latency monitoring. Go Mic Connect combines studio-quality sound and "next-level" technology for exceptional VoIP, podcast, speech-to-text and YouTube audio.


  • Portable stereo USB microphone
  • Patented Sound Focus Array technology
  • Patented Noise Cancellation technology
  • Ultra-clear voice capture for VoIP, speech to text and DAW software
  • Ideal for mobile podcasting and audio for YouTube videos
  • Mac and Windows compatible, no driver installation required
  • Compact design clips atop your laptop or computer monitor
  • Headphone output
  • Echo Cancellation technology for speaker connections
  • Noise Cancellation to received VoIP audio
  • Mute switch
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz
  • Includes mini USB to USB cable
  • iPad and USB bus powered

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