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Tascam TM-PC1 Pencil Condenser Mic

Model: TM-PC1

Tascam TM-PC1 Pencil Condenser Mic
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About: Tascam TM-PC1 Pencil Condenser Mic

TASCAM’s TM-PC1 Condenser Microphone houses complete electronic circuit control and a 25mm pure gold large diaphragm capsule. Perfect cardioid polar pickup pattern, high sensitivity output, low noise and wide dynamic range make the TM-PC1 ideal for instrument and vocal recording. Thanks to the low frequency and sensitivity attenuation switches, the mic can effectively reduce environment noise and impact from high input sound sources. The unique design of the integrative metal pop filter and shock mount will reduce “pop” effectively and the high-grade shockproof mount will alleviate any surprise interferences. Use your TM-PC1 for all of your professional and home recording needs.


  • F 25 Pressure Gradient Design
  • Low Noise, Transformer Free and Exact Electronic Circuitry
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern, High Sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range
  • Low Frequency and Sensitivity Attenuation Switches on the Housing
  • Brass Housing and Champagne-Nickel Plated Surface – Rugged and Durable

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