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MXL 2010 Multi-Pattern Studio Microphone

Model: MXL2010

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About: MXL 2010 Multi-Pattern Studio Microphone

Sweet, silky and transparent describe the MXL 2010. Perfectly at home on vocals and instruments, what makes the 2010 so versatile is MXL's multi-pattern design with omni, cardioid, and Figure-8 polar patterns. The 2010 also includes a -10 dB attenuation switch for high sound pressure levels, so it's also an excellent mic for drum overheads or guitar amps.

  • All-purpose microphone with a warm, transparent sound
  • Class A amplification for a vintage tone with a clear top end
  • Three selectable polar patterns for a wide range of recordings
  • Perfect for vocals, strings, acoustic guitars and pianos
  • Excellent for recording any style of music

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