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MXL V67N Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone

Model: V67N

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About: MXL V67N Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone

The MXL V67N is a robust condenser microphone that provides just the right amount of power, presence and clarity. Hand-selected components and transformer-balanced output deliver a solid bottom end and exposed top, making it perfect for drums, piano, guitar, choirs, and many other applications. Plus the V67N is internally wired with world-class Mogami® cable for sonic integrity in every session.

  • Pencil microphone that gives instruments a balanced sound
  • Ideal for bright instruments, such as acoustic guitars and violins
  • Two interchangeable capsules for all kinds of recordings
  • Transparent sound with a crystal clear tone
  • Flat response that leaves recordings pure and natural

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