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AKG D5 Stage Pack


AKG D5 Stage Pack
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About: AKG D5 Stage Pack

The D 5 dynamic vocal microphone for lead and backing vocals delivers a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback (for more details, The D 5 stands for a crisp sound that cuts through every mix.

AKG made the first microphone diaphragm ever whose thickness varies across its diameter. The new Laminated Varimotion diaphragm deep-drawing process allows the diaphragm itself to be fine-tuned with no extra tuning resonators, leading to a quantum leap in audio performance.

The dual shock mount eliminates any kind of mechanical noise for trouble-free live use. The audience will hear nothing but the pristine sound of your voice!

The D5 Stage Pack comes complete with a D 5 microphone with zip bag, a 16ft XLR cable, an H61 stand adapter, and a microphone stand.

  • Dynamic vocal microphone
  • Patented AKG Laminate Varimotion diaphragm
  • Integrated shock absorber system
  • Supercardioid feedback-killing polar pattern


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