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Apex 515 High Performance Handheld Condenser Mic

Model: APEX515

Apex 515 High Performance Handheld Condenser Mic
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About: Apex 515 High Performance Handheld Condenser Mic

The Apex515 is a high performance hand-held vocal condenser microphone built for maximum clarity, precision, tone and versatility. Designed for professional vocal applications, the Apex515 uses a proven internal capsule isolation mount to protect the capsule from shocks and vibration and to minimize handling noise. A stainless steel microphone mesh pop filter minimizes wind noise, limits over-pronounced P and B sounds while adding further protection to the microphone condenser capsule.

What makes the Apex515 unique is the ability to change the polar pattern response of the microphone, tailoring it to specific singers and applications. Three interchangeable capsules are included with the Apex515.


  • Extremely Smooth Frequency Response with Controlled Presence
  • Wide Dynamic Range with Low Distortion Characteristics
  • Hypercardioid Polar Pattern Delivers Maximum Gain Before Feedback and Limits Crosstalk on High Volume Stages
  • Alternate Interchangeable Microphone Capsules Provide Additional Cardioid or Omnidirectional Polar Patterns (Included)
  • Innovative Cartridge Shockmount System Reduces Handling Noise
  • Low Self Noise
  • Low Susceptibility to RFI and Electromagnetic Interference
  • Integrated Pop Filter & Wind Screen
  • Microphone Clip and Leatherette Carrying Bag Included

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