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Crown Soundgrabber II PZM Boundry Microphone


Crown Soundgrabber II PZM Boundry Microphone
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About: Crown Soundgrabber II PZM Boundry Microphone

The Sound Grabber II hemispherical boundary layer microphone utilizes Pressure Zone Microphone® technology in which sound waves reinforce themselves in the area nearest a flat surface. Thus, the Sound Grabber II will pick up sounds at distances with clarity while speakers or vocalists can move freely around the microphone without their tone quality changing.

The Sound Grabber II is powered by an internal AAA 1.5V battery. The 3.5mm jack output is unbalanced and of mid-impedance, which allows it to connect directly to cameras and recorders.

  • Universal power concept works with battery or phantom power
  • Mid-impedance phone connector type output perfectly fits cameras and recording gear
  • Detachable boundary “paddle” for very low profile mounting


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30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Most Crown amplifiers are guaranteed by Crown's 3 year no-fault full warranty. With this No-Fault protection your new Crown amplifier is guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications for the first three years of ownership. During this time, if your amplifier fails for any reason it will be repaired or replaced at our expense. This includes parts, labor, and round-trip shipping (ground transport). This also applies to IQ System and PIP products.


  • iTHD, MAi and CTsB (current modified version in production since August 2010) will offer a 5 year standard warranty.
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NOTE: for a modest fee Crown will extend that protection for an additional three years with our 3+3 No-Fault Extended Full Warranty (amplifiers only).