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Sennheiser PC 320 Open Type Stereo Gaming Headset

Model: PC320

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About: Sennheiser PC 320 Open Type Stereo Gaming Headset

Superior comfort, superb sound

The PC 320 gaming headset gives you great audio and wearing comfort when you are gaming at home.

Get it on

This headset will rock your world with stunning Sennheiser stereo sound. Its speakers are mounted on a Sennheiser-patented CircleFlex™ system. CircleFlex™ ear pads can swivel around their base and instantly adjust to your ears and head, making the PC 320 it ideal for long hours of play.

Pure cool

The PC 320’s over-the-ear, open-acoustic design makes sweat a thing of the past. Now, air flows through the headset to yours ears, while built-up heat to escapes.

Smart controls

The volume control has been integrated into the right ear cup to give you more intuitive – and therefore quicker and easier – access to controlling the sound level. The pro noise-canceling microphone also has a smart mute function that you activate simply by raising the boom arm. It’s that simple.

Light but tough

The PC 320 is made from our most lightweight and sturdy materials. You can literally twist the headband 360 degrees without it braking or losing its shape.
What more can you ask for in a gaming headset?

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Reviews: Sennheiser PC 320 Open Type Stereo Gaming Headset

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Warranty: Sennheiser PC 320 Open Type Stereo Gaming Headset Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Sennheiser : 2 years
Sennheiser Evolution Series: 10 years
Sennheiser Aviation Series: 5 years
Neumann : 1 year
Klein & Hummel : 2 years