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Sennheiser PC 21-II Monaural VoIP Headset

Model: PC21II

Sennheiser PC 21-II Monaural VoIP Headset
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About: Sennheiser PC 21-II Monaural VoIP Headset

At home or in the office, the PC 21-II headset has been designed for easy internet-based calls. Its single-sided wearing style lets you enjoy the conversation while being in touch with what’s going on around you. And the lightweight, adjustable headband is comfortable to wear all day long.

To help make sure you’re understood, the PC 21-II features an improved noise canceling microphone that reduces background noise – and makes the headset extra good when you’re using speech recognition applications.
As an added feature, the microphone boom arm is extremely flexible, so that you can easily adjust it to sit any way you like.


Sennheiser sound – a quality speaker delivers great acoustic performance, so you’ll always hear what’s being said
Noise canceling clarity – the microphone filters out ambient noise, so your voice is always clear and easy to understand
Reliable speech recognition – the microphone is specially designed for your device’s speech recognition function
Keep one ear free – the single-sided design keeps you in touch with your surroundings while you talk over the net
Fully flexible boom arm – adjust the microphone for optimal voice pick-up and comfort
Light and comfortable – with the lightweight headband, it’s easy to forget you are even wearing a headset
2-year warranty

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Reviews: Sennheiser PC 21-II Monaural VoIP Headset

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Warranty: Sennheiser PC 21-II Monaural VoIP Headset Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Sennheiser : 2 years
Sennheiser Evolution Series: 10 years
Sennheiser Aviation Series: 5 years
Neumann : 1 year
Klein & Hummel : 2 years