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Etymotic ETY-COM ER22-B2 Headset (3.5mm)

Model: ER22-B2

Etymotic ETY-COM ER22-B2 Headset (3.5mm)
Etymotic ETY-COM ER22-B2 Headset (3.5mm)
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About: Etymotic ETY-COM ER22-B2 Headset (3.5mm)

Etymotic combined its noise-isolating earphone and noise-canceling directional microphone technologies to produce the most technically advanced headset of its kind. The insert earphone optimizes sound quality and noise isolation, and the close-talking directional microphone allows you to speak softly for greater privacy. With the ETY•COM, clear two-way conversation is possible in very high levels of background noise.

3.5 mm/4-conductor plug: Compatible with the majority of smartphones, including iPhones except iPhone 4.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Highest noise isolation of all headset earphones
  • Highest noise cancellation of all headset microphones
  • For use with mobile phones and cordless phones

System Includes

  • ETY•COM headset
  • Assorted eartips
  • Replacement filter
  • Filter changing tool
  • Shirt clip
  • Pouch
  • Two windscreens (large and small)
  • VoIP adapter. The VoIP adapter has two standard 3.5 mm plugs with conventional color coding: pink for microphone and green for earphone jacks.

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