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Sennheiser HD 218 i Headphones

Model: HD 218 i

Sennheiser HD 218 i Headphones
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About: Sennheiser HD 218 i Headphones

Closed, supra-aural headset, adds inline smart remote with microphone

The closed, supra-aural acoustics filter out surrounding noise so you can immerse yourself in excellent
bass-driven Sennheiser stereo sound, thanks to its dynamic neodymium magnet speaker system. Ear cups
are individually adjustable for a custom comfortable and secure fit. Ultra comfortable - large cushioned ear
pads and headband. Made for latest generations of iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

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Reviews: Sennheiser HD 218 i Headphones

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Warranty: Sennheiser HD 218 i Headphones Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Sennheiser : 2 years
Sennheiser Evolution Series: 10 years
Sennheiser Aviation Series: 5 years
Neumann : 1 year
Klein & Hummel : 2 years