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Editors Keys ANX-10 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Model: EK-SSANX10

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About: Editors Keys ANX-10 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Your audio, without distractions.

The Studio Series ANX-10 active noise cancelation headphones have been designed to help you get the best from your audio. Make the world around you disappear, so you can have full focus on your music.

  • Passive and active noise cancelation.
  • Premium aluminium constructed cups.
  • Intelligent noise cancelation up to 22db and passive up to 35db.
  • Comes complete with two headphone cables, carry case and splitter.
  • Blocks out over 89% of external noise.
  • 1 year warranty included.
  • Built in Rechargable battery ensures you'll never be out of power.

Imagine, how amazing it would be to block out most of sound of the bus, aeroplane or traffic with just a flick of a switch. Well now it's possible with the Studio Series ANX-10 premium headphones. The headphones have been designed with special noise cancelling ear cups which block out around 70% of outside noise. The active noise cancelation button then takes it up a level by filtering out a further 20% of freqencies (taking the total to over 89%), its amazing technology. You really have to hear it to believe it.

Sound, as good as it looks

Whether you're producing your next track or just trying to listen to your favourite movie on a plane, the Studio Series ANX-10 headphones can block out over 89% of exterior noise, leaving you to enjoy the beauty of whatever audio you're playing.

How do they work?

The headphones work by actively monitoring the outside noise, then playback the opposite frequency to your ear, effectively silencing out unwanted noise.

The process is seamless and doesn't effect the quality of your audio. (in fact it enhances it.) The ear cushions also feature impressive passive noise cancelation foam too.

What do they work with?

Not only are your ANX-10 studio headphones compatible with all audio and video editing programs, they're also compatible with PC's, Macs and iPods/MP3 players. is a Canadian authorized Editors Keys retailer.

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