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Pioneer DJ DJE-1500-W DJ In-Ear Headphones (White)

Model: DJE-1500-W

Pioneer DJ DJE-1500-W DJ In-Ear Headphones (White)
Pioneer DJ DJE-1500-W DJ In-Ear Headphones (White)
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About: Pioneer DJ DJE-1500-W DJ In-Ear Headphones (White)

With the clear understanding that DJs have specific audio characteristic requirements and traditionally listen to music differently, paying closer attention to the particular beats of music, Pioneer’s new inner-ear headphones were made for both their leisure music listening and for music preparation while on the go.  Both models have unique design features including large high quality 9.4 millimeter drivers, replaceable and detachable cables, and interchangeable earphone tips that dampen external noise.


The DJE-1500 utilizes a large 9.4 mm driver and CCAW voice coil reinforced by a powerful magnet for efficient production of  a wide frequency range for different types of music listening.   The diaphragm of the speaker is made of a ceramic powder coating composite designed to reduce internal vibration that can cause distortion to be induced into the original music content


The DJE-1500 is designed for over-the-ear or conventional fitting utilizing a rotatable housing that can easily be adjusted to the user’s listening preference.


The unit also includes a medium sized Comply™ foam earphone tip for maximum comfort, fit and noise isolation, as well as four silicone tips (XS/S/M/L) to accommodate different sizes of ear canals. 


Pioneer designed the MMCX connector to be detachable for increased versatility.  In addition, several inches of the cable that plugs into the earphone are made of memory-shape resin material to help ensure the earphone stays in place when used in over-the-ear applications. 


  • Includes carrying case and 1/4" stereo plug adapter.

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