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Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs


Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs
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About: Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs

As a musician, such as a guitarist, drummer, singer or DJ, you face significant risk of hearing damage as you're often in an environment with loud music. Hearing loss has a direct impact on the performance of your profession or passion because your hearing is the most essential gear. Good hearing is essential and properly protecting your hearing is important during rehearsals, performances and concerts. Our luxury model MusicSafe Pro has been specifically developed for musicians. This is the most luxurious and extensive edition of the Alpine music range, with three sets of exchangeable filters, allowing you to determine your own protection.

AlpineAcousticFilters™- music quality remains preserved

MusicSafe Pro is the only hearing protection for musicians with three exchangeable filter sets for low, medium and high protection. These unique AlpineAcousticFilters with selective absorption guarantee optimal protection against harmful noise levels, while preserving excellent music quality. Depending on the instrument you are playing, your position on the stage or the kind of music you are playing, you can always choose the protection that suits you most. The Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs do not make you feel isolated, allowing you to remain in touch with your surroundings, for instance during a studio recording. This allows for optimal performance.

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