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Pro Intercom econoCom EC2B (2 Beltpacks + 2 Headsets)

Model: PI EC2B

Pro Intercom econoCom EC2B (2 Beltpacks + 2 Headsets)
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About: Pro Intercom econoCom EC2B (2 Beltpacks + 2 Headsets)

An econoCom system consists of:

1) A table-top (AD2410) AC adaptor with  removable IEC power cord, and a cable with connector which connects the AD2410 to the PS4 interface box, and;

2) A PS4 system interface. These two devices, taken together, are the system's power supply.

Also included in the EC2B:

  • 2x Standard full-featured BP1 belt packs
  • 2x SHM310 headsets with connector

The system does include a signal light feature.

The econoCom power supply components are not intended to be used in systems which include more than two loudspeaker stations or stage manager stations, and do not provide multiple circuits.

One to six more BP1 belt packs (for a maximum total of ten) may be added to the system without creating hum or overheating the power supply components.

The PS4 system interface provides precise voltage regulation, further smoothing of the DC current (AC hum elimination), automatic overload/short-circuit protection, the necessary termination network for the intercom circuit, an LED indicator which indicates that 24VDC is being delivered, and 3 paralleled XLR jacks for connection of headset stations or strings of stations in a party-line configuration.

The components of an econoCom system are connected together using standard 2-conductor shielded microphone cables fitted with 3 pin XLR connectors (male/female). The PS4 has three outlets which are in parallel and the BP1s have a male and a female XLR for connecting to the PS4 and for looping onwards to the next BP1.

The ribbed, extruded aluminum case, polypropylene end bezels, internal support system for the PC boards, and best quality XLR connectors all contribute to the outstanding ability of the system components to withstand rough usage.

The comparatively low price of an econoCom system is made possible by the minimized assembly costs resulting from simplicity of construction. Simple construction also affords the use of higher quality components, and increases the ease (thus lowering the cost) of servicing.

The econoCom components are fully compatible with Clear-Com® and other popular (200 Ohm, unbalanced) party-line headset intercom systems. is a Canadian authorized Pro Intercom retailer.

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