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Eartec Comstar XT-2 / 2 Person System All in one Single Ear Headsets

Model: XT-2

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About: Eartec Comstar XT-2 / 2 Person System All in one Single Ear Headsets

The Comstar XT-2 is a two-person wireless intercom system. Comstar is a breakthrough full duplex wireless system designed specifically for production teams that need to communicate while working with their hands. These intercoms are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. The system is expandable with up to eight users to talk and communicate just like a regular wired system. A padded case is included for on-location transport and storage.

System Features:

  • Dual Channel with Conferencing
      -  2 groups of 4 userscommunicate seperately or all together in conference mode
  • Expandable
      -  Start small, then add stations, up to 8total; headsets are field programmable
  • Outstanding Range
      -  Wireless users enjoy full duplexcommunication up to 400 yards in any direction from Com-Center
  • Simple/Instant setup
      -  System is self tuning, no remoteantenna needed
  • Totally Portable
      -  The Comstar Com-Center is totallyportable. AC wall plug, rechargeable battery (6 hrs) and AA disposable batterysled included
  • Crystal Clear, Full Duplex Voice
      -  Dect frequency band(1900 mhz) is reserved by FCC for "PCS" voice communication only
  • No FCC License Required
      -  USA, Canada, Europe andAustralia certified

Com-Center Features:

  • Line of Sight
      -  For optimum range, position the Com-Centerso that the radio signals have a clear path to the wireless Headsets.
  • Dual Channel Feature
      -  Red & Green LED lights indicatetwo separate channels are in use.
      -  Amber LED light indicatesconference feature is in use.

Headset Features:

  • Headsets weigh only 12 oz.
  • Microphone adjustable to left or right side
  • ON/OFF, volume control
  • Microphone mute button
  • Li-on batteries operate up to 10 hours

What's in the box:

  • 1 Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center
  • 1 Com-Center Battery, AC wall plug & AA disposable battery sled
  • 2 COMSTAR Single Headsets
  • COMSTAR Headset batteries
  • 1 Multiport Charger
  • 1 Padded Carrying Case is a Canadian authorized Eartec retailer.

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