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Eartec MAX4G Double Wired Headset for COMSTAR

Model: CSMX4GD

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About: Eartec MAX4G Double Wired Headset for COMSTAR

The MAX4G Double is EARTEC's next generation of affordable Pro Audio / Professional headset. These are the most comfortable and best performing headsets on the market, "Hands Down". They are destined to become the most popular model in our entire line for theatre, film, television and general production work.

The MAX4G features mid weight design with extra soft ear pads. This construction and adjustability provides a comfortable fit.

The MAX4G also includes EARTEC's AutoMute Boom technology. This specialty microphone assembly not only rotates 270 degrees allowing the headset to be worn on left or right side, but when placed in the "UP" position automatically mutes the mic gain.

Headset comes ready to operate with your existing wired COMSTAR COMPAK beltpack


  • Extra soft ear pads
  • AutoMute boom
  • 270 degree swivel boom - wear or either ear
  • Requires COMSTAR COMPAK beltpack is a Canadian authorized Eartec retailer.

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