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Eartec XT Plus Com-Center with Wired to Wireless Interface Module


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About: Eartec XT Plus Com-Center with Wired to Wireless Interface Module

The ComStar Interface Series from Eartec expands the capacity of your wired partyline. This Dual Channel Base Station is the centralized base transceiver for up to 8 wireless headsets/beltpacks in the Comstar XT series. The ComStar Interface Series includes an XT-Plus Com-Center and a software controlled interface. The interface plugs into the port on the rear of the Com-Center and the wired system.

In addition, the included wired interface allows integration with a wired Clear-Com compatible systems, but RTS and Telex options are available. Take your existing wired intercom system and achieve wireless full duplex communication with 2 groups of 4 people, or 8 total in conference mode. Roaming users can communicate with wired headsets hands free, simultaneously and without interconnecting wires.

Your setup couldn't be easier as there are no channels to set, and the antennae for the base station are built in. The XT Com-Center Base Station may be powered with the included AC adapter, optional rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries. Headsets are sold separately, allowing systems to be configured as desired.


  • Outstanding Rang - Full duplex communication up to 400yards in any direction from the Com-Center
  • Dual Channel with Conferencing - 2 groups of 4 users communicateseparately or all together in conference mode
  • Digital, Full Duplex Voice - Dect frequency band (1900mHz) is reserved byFCC for “PCS” voice communication only
  • Expandable – Start small, then add field programmable headsets, up to 8 total
  • Totally Portable – AC wall plug, rechargeable battery (6 hrs) and AAdisposable battery sled included
  • Simple/Instant Setup – Self tuning, no remote antenna required
  • No FCC License Required – this version is for the USA FCC license


  • U.S. Power Supply & Frequency
  • Frequency Set: 1920-1930 GHz
  • Wired Headset System Interface
  • Clearcom, Telex & RTS Compatible
  • Transceiver For up to 8 Radio Headsets
  • AC & Rechargeable Battery Operation
  • Dual Channel Conferencing
  • Digital Full-Duplex Communication is a Canadian authorized Eartec retailer.

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