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Clear-Com MS-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station

Model: MS-704

Clear-Com MS-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station
Clear-Com MS-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station
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About: Clear-Com MS-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station

The Clear-Com MS704 is a four intercom channels with programmable front-panel buttons. High-capacity, fail-safe power supply supports up to 40 RS-701 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations; 3 IFB channels, announce button/relay, channel-linking button and Remote Mic Kill switch.

Superior "Contoured" Audio
Compatible with all Clear-Com party-line intercoms, the 704 series accepts a wide range of dynamic headsets, with a choice of headset connectors. Optional plut-in noise-cancelling gooseneck microphones are available in 9" and 18" lengths.

Remote Mic Kill (RMK)
The MS-704 is equipped with a global RMK button. It will turn off the microphone talk circuits of all Clear-Com beltpacks in the system, eliminating extraneous noise from the "open" headset microphones.

Redundant "Failsave" Power Supply
The 1.2-amp universal switching power supply is a 30-volt regulated supply with multiple short circuit and an instantaneous overload, allowing the intercom to continue to operate even when a station is plugged in, momentarily exceeding the capacity of the power supply. If a shutdown occurs from a shorted intercom cable, the power supply will recover under full load when the short is removed.

"Easy Access" Sub Panel
A removable front panel gives the operator easy access to the station's configuration switches and trim pots. Clearly labeled and simple to adjust, these controls allow the station to be instantly configured for virtually any communications application. When configuration is complete, the front panel re-attaches, revealing only those controls useful for normal operation.

Multiple Program Audio Sources
The station accepts five separate program audio sources: four line-level balanced inputs and one assignable line level input. The assignable program input accepts a balanced signal and is designed for monitoring external audio in the headset or speaker. The four balanced program inputs can be used to create individual program feeds on the intercom channels. Three of these channels can be used for program interrupt.


  • Four Independent Intercom Channels for ultimate flexibility
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Logic assures maximum communications power
  • Universal Voltage Power Supply for 100 - 240 VAC operation, with shortcircuit protection on each channel
  • Linking Control instantly links channels together in “super party line”
  • Separate Talk and Listen Buttons for each channel
  • Individual Listen Volume Controls for each channel
  • “All-Talk” Function permits instant communications to all four channels
  • Four Separate Program Inputs are electronically balanced
  • Three Interruptible IFB Channels make talent cueing easy
  • “Announce” Button with Relay for external paging
  • Visual “Call Signaling” alerts users when others want to speak to them
  • Wide-Range High-Output Speaker for optimum clarity in all acoustic environments
  • “Hot-Mic” Output allows easy connection to external IFBs
  • Adjustable Mic Proximity Compensation reduces acoustic feedback
  • Superior “Contoured” Audio insures excellent voice intelligibility under all noise conditions, including high-noise environments
  • LED buttons for talk, call, announce, link, all talk, and mic on
  • Remote Mic Kill switch turns off the microphone talk circuits is a Canadian authorized Clear-Com retailer.

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