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Clear-Com KB-701 1-Channel Speaker/Microphone Station

Model: KB-701

Clear-Com KB-701 1-Channel Speaker/Microphone Station
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About: Clear-Com KB-701 1-Channel Speaker/Microphone Station

The KB-701 remote speaker station connects to a single channel of party-line intercom and operates in half-duplex mode. It features both an integral speaker and a flush mount electrets microphone with mic limiter and a push-to-talk button. 

The station may be programmed via two internal dip switches to operate in four different modes, activated by other stations within the intercom system. The different operating modes are activated using the call signaling function of another station, which allows for individual control of the speaker and microphone.

Microprocessor-controlled logic and switching yields a feature-rich intercom station in a compact format. An electronic momentary-only talk button activates the talk function. Use the talk button or the reomote control from another station to activate the mic. A blue-colour LED indicates that the mic is on, while an amber-color LED indicates the mic is off. Mic sensitivity is selectable for either close or distant voice pickup.

The KB-701 offers both visual and audible call signaling, gaining the attention of the user when not at the station. A red-color LED lights when a call is activated on a connected intercom channel. A defeatable audible call signal, with level control, is also provided. Separate level controls are provided for intercom level and for balanced program input. A local program source may be fed to the station, allowing the user to monitor that source while remaining in contact on the intercom system. The balanced program input can also be used in conjunction with the stage-announce output of a main station to provide a paging interrupt. This would allow paging at the station even if the intercom volume control is turned down. In addition, the intercom volume control of the KB-701 can be internally set so that an incoming message would still be audible, even if the control was turned all the way down.

The KB-701 may be wall or console mounted in a standard 4-gang electrical box, or may be mounted in the optional V-Box for desktop, surface-mount, or portable applications. It may be used with the optional 4-wire or TW (two channels on a single mic cable) daughter boards. The station is powered by the intercom line or by a local power supply when used with the optional 4-Wire daughter board.


  • Single-channel, push-to-talk speaker station
  • Four different modes of operation, internally programmable
  • Microprocessor-controlled logic and switching
  • Flush-mounted internal microphone
  • Visual and audible call signaling, with bright LED indicator
  • Balanced local program input with separate level control
  • Optional TW and 4-Wire daughter boards provide additional flexibility
  • Wall or console mount, or optional V-Box for portable or desktop use
  • LED buttons for talk, listen, call, announce, link, all talk, or mic on. is a Canadian authorized Clear-Com retailer.

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