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Anchor Audio AL-9000 Assistive Listening Package (4-User)

Model: AL-9000

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About: Anchor Audio AL-9000 Assistive Listening Package (4-User)

The Assistive Listening Package (AL-9000) includes a system designed to help hard-of-hearing people better understand speech, music, and other sounds they may struggle to hear. The Assistive Listening system can be used during a movie, performance, lecture, meeting, or worship service. The package includes four lightweight belt pack receivers (ALB-9000) with in-ear headphones, and are to be worn by the audience members who require hearing assistance. Each belt back is battery powered, and has 100 user-selectable UHF channels. They are very easy to set up and operate. The package also includes an ALT-9000 wireless transmitter base station, which attaches to your in-house sound system, and then wirelessly transmits to the the belt packs being worn in the audience. A wired, handheld mic must be used with this base station. This system is expandable for an unlimited number of listeners, if you choose to add more belt packs. The Assistive Listening system is ADA compliant, rack mountable, and comes in a lightweight carrying case. Use it in Houses of Worship, Theaters, Cinemas, Auditoriums, and Classrooms. FREQUENCY: 902-928 MHz

Package Includes

  • Four beltpack receivers (ALB-9000)
  • Four lightweight in-ear headphones (AL-HP)
  • Wireless transmitter base station - 902-928 MHz (ALT-9000)
  • Sturdy cardboard carrying case is a Canadian authorized Anchor Audio retailer.

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