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Audio Technica ATW-RMS1 Remote Mute Switch

Audio Technica ATW-RMS2 Remote Mute Switch


Audio Technica ATW-RMS2 Remote Mute Switch
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About: Audio Technica ATW-RMS2 Remote Mute Switch

Audio-Technica’s streamlined, lightweight ATW-RMS2 remote mute switch allows you to mute your Audio-Technica wireless microphone quickly and easily during a presentation. The ATW-RMS2 features a push-button switch that provides audio muting with no annoying clicks or pops. The switch position can be felt while worn in a pocket or under vestments in a house-of-worship setting.

Ideal for house-of-worship settings, as well as for use by public speakers and others who need the ability to remotely mute a wireless microphone, the ATW-RMS2 is designed to be installed between an Audio-Technica wireless microphone using a 4-pin HRS-type connector and its associated UniPak® body-back wireless transmitter.

The ATW-RMS2 is supplied with a permanently attached 18” cable terminated with a 4-pin HRS-type connector that attaches to the input jack on a UniPak® transmitter. It features durable polycarbonate construction with a belt clip provided for ease of wear.

  • Lightweight remote mute switch for UniPak® transmitter

  • Audio muting with no audible clicks

  • Durable polycarbonate construction, ergonomic design

  • Install between a wireless mic (with 4-pin HRS-type connector) and UniPak® transmitter

  • Includes permanently attached 18” (0.46 m) cable and belt clip

Installing the ATW-RMS2: Plug the ATW-RMS2’s HRS-type OUT connector into the UniPak® transmitter. Connect the microphone’s HRS-type connector to the MIC jack located on the ATW-RMS2.

Using the ATW-RMS2: Turn on the wireless system and leave the transmitter in normal “on” mode. To unmute the microphone, depress the ATW-RMS2 switch button so that the switch button is down, even with the surface of the case. To mute the microphone, release the ATW-RMS2 switch button, so that the switch button is up and can be felt above the surface of the case.

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Warranty: Audio Technica ATW-RMS2 Remote Mute Switch Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

One Year, parts and labour against manufacturer defects (Import Series and 3000 Series Wireless - Two Years; Artist Elite, 4000/5000 Series Wireless, 40 Series, many Broadcast Series, Midnight Blues and Value Cable - Five Years; Premium Cable - Lifetime).