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Neutrik XIRIUM PRO Receiver RX Wireless Audio Receiver

Model: NXP2RX-C

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About: Neutrik XIRIUM PRO Receiver RX Wireless Audio Receiver

With XIRIUM PRO, a digital wireless audio system based on DiWA (Digital Wireless Audio) technology, Neutrik sets a new standard in professional wireless audio transmission. DiWA provides FCC license-free, compression-free, studio quality, full bandwidth audio with extremely low latency.

XIRIUM PRO Canada Receiver RX Base Station, including NXPA-6-360-25, NXPA-WIFI, NKXPRO-DATA, NXUC-M-15

Exceeding boundaries

The repeater is the perfect extension of the system: When used, the system range can be doubled, and walls, corners, or other obstacles may be overcome.

Extended true diversity for even more reliable reception

Since the repeater duplicates and forwards the signals received from the transmitter it becomes a second, redundant audio source  for every receiver. Each receiver automatically selects the best signal and switches between them without interruption.

XIRIUM PRO software app

Available for iPad and Android tablets, the user friendly XIRIUM PRO app provides enhanced setup functions and allows monitoring and control of XIRIUM PRO devices.


• Superior audio quality
• Digital audio @ 5 GHz

• Proprietary protocol
• Correction algorithm
• Repeater unit overcomes barriers and offers extended diversity
• Software App allows to optimize transmission power and live monitoring

• Easy setup - time and money saver for awkward cable solutions
• Modular I/O concept
• Flexible power supply

* Note: Transmitter sold separately; Requires output module also sold separately is a Canadian authorized Neutrik retailer.

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