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EBTech LLS-2 Line Level Shifter (2 Channel)

Model: LLS-2

EBTech LLS-2 Line Level Shifter (2 Channel)
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About: EBTech LLS-2 Line Level Shifter (2 Channel)

The LLS-2 Line Level Shifter & Hum Elliminator from Ebtech is a handy two-channel utility that effectively provides line level transformation between balanced and unbalanced devices. The Line Level Shifter also contains Ebtech's Hum Eliminator technology for breaking the ground loops that cause 60Hz hum and AC buzz, noise that can occur when making these kinds of connections.
Audiophile quality components and passive design provide a quiet signal path throughout. The unit uses the physics of inductance and impedance matching to increase or decrease the signal voltage without the added noise of active electronics. "Smart" connections automatically distinguish between balanced and unbalanced connections. The unit features 1/4" TRS phone inputs and outputs on both channels.
Ebtech LLS-2 Features
  • Converts back and forth between -10dBV and +4dBu
  • Converts automatically back and forth between balanced and unbalanced lines at either end
  • 1/4" TRS "smart" jacks (tip, ring, sleeve) inputs and outputs
  • Built-in "Hum Eliminator" technology eliminates AC hum/60Hz buzz and noise
  • Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials, avoiding clipping
  • Completely passive design with audiophile quality components assures the best possible noise and distortion performance

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