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Rolls CS1000 Cable Scanner Cable Tester

Model: CS1000

Rolls CS1000 Cable Scanner Cable Tester
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About: Rolls CS1000 Cable Scanner Cable Tester

CS1000 Cable Scanner The CS1000 is a price/performance breakthrough in the cable maintenance, signal testing market. It tests ten different types of cable ends. Each cable being tested has its pinout scanned for continuity as well as proper polarity. Plus, the unit features a 1 kHz Test Tone oscillator with a calibrated variable level control. The balanced test signal is sent out each of the jacks on one side of the unit providing a convenient way to verify proper operation of audio equipment. It can be heard through headphones and has enough level to hear through a speaker. The RJ jacks allow ringing out phone lines and other installed wiring. The CS1000 also features Phantom Power Voltage and polarity (both signals present) testing as well.

Tests the following:

  • SPEAK-ON (Neutrik)
  • RCA
  • 1/4"
  • # 1/8"
  • XLR Male & Female
  • MIDI 3-7 Pin
  • RJ11 & RJ45 (Telephone, Ethernet)

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Reviews: Rolls CS1000 Cable Scanner Cable Tester

Calvin I. - 06/27/2014

-Tests almost-every cable commonly needed in a gig
-Not heavy, but not light enough to fly off the table, has rubber feet
-Metal construction
-Runs off a single 9V battery

-can't natively test EtherCon connections
-Can't test VGA
-Can't test HDMI (or DVI)
-Cannot test straight bare wire or banana-banana
-Power LED is not too bright, I've left it on more than once

I pack this into my kit for EVERY event I can. Simply, it's all you need to diagnose a cable issue, I've done 250' XLR and 1/4" TS runs with it. It's just a straight continuity tester, YOU NEED NOTHING MORE, none of those gimmicky LCD screens that develop lines, none that give you a USB read-out in excel about what you don't care about, just LED Send, and LED Receive, and Power, TISS ALL! Need more? Just buy an adapter!

Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Warranty: Rolls CS1000 Cable Scanner Cable Tester Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

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Limited 1-year warranty parts and labor.

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