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Altinex Digi Sniffer Video Signal Tester


Altinex Digi Sniffer Video Signal Tester
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About: Altinex Digi Sniffer Video Signal Tester

The Digi Sniffer is designed for measuring digital video signal strength. It is compatible with HDMI, DVI, and Display Port signal types and accommodates any signal resolution. The unit’s six LED bar graph display indicates signal strength and suggests when buffering is required. The Digi Sniffer will work with both HDCP and non-HDCP signals.

The Digi Sniffer measures digital signal quality and compares it to the digital signal specification. Degradation is measured from specified nominal value. The Digi Sniffer processes digital TMDS signals up to 10Gbps and determines if degradation is sufficient to cause video signal disruption.

The Digi Sniffer is an ideal companion for any AV installer. It allows easy testing of all HDMI compliant video sources and cables. The Digi Sniffer monitors the digital video signal and determines degradation level. The video signal strength is displayed on the six LED bar graph. The stronger the signal, the more LEDs are illuminated. The Digi Sniffer features auto power control when HDMI input is sensed.


  • Automatically enables HDMI output
  • Battery operated
  • No power ON/OFF switch
  • LED signal strength display
  • Handles all HDMI resolutions
  • Compatible with DVI signal is a Canadian authorized Altinex retailer.

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30 Days

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3 year limited warranty