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Digiflex DSPDI Stereo Passive Direct Box

Model: DSPDI

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About: Digiflex DSPDI Stereo Passive Direct Box

The standard single channel direct box with 1/4in mono inputs can be somewhat limiting with the variety of audio sources used today. Laptops, MP3 players and other types of audio sources are common place.

Digiflex has designed a stereo version of the DPDI with multiple choices of connector inputs. We have included a 3.5 mm mini TRS stereo input, dual RCA connectors and dual ¼" connectors which offer the end user a wide choice of inputs.

The audio quality of the DSPDI is of the same quality as the DPDI and will perform well under the most adverse conditions. Recessed connectors, ground lift switches and a rugged metal housing ensure that the DSPDI will last for years.

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