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BRTB BDB-01 High Quality Passive DI Box

Model: BDB-01

BRTB BDB-01 High Quality Passive DI Box
BRTB BDB-01 High Quality Passive DI Box
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About: BRTB BDB-01 High Quality Passive DI Box

The BDB-01 is one of the most useful and versatile tools available-indispensable in enabling easy interfacing and connection between various audio gear in numerous applications.  It enables the connection of any unbalanced audio source signal (such as from an electric instrument, keyboard--even from an amp speaker output) to any balanced input (such as that of a mixer).  Parallel output allows for simultaneous connection to 2 separate inputs (such as to an amp and mixer).

BDB-01 features:

  • Translates high-impedance instrument outputs into low-impedance balanced signals or balanced low-impedance balanced signals into unbalanced outputs.
  • Converts unbalanced +1 OdB OJ mixer signals to balanced line level signals, enabling both easier interfacing with consoles and longer cable runs.
  • Enables multiple keyboard setups plugged into an instrument amp to be directly input to a console mixer by connecting the speaker outputs of the amp to the console input through the OB-1, thus eliminating the need for a direct box on each keyboard.
  • 3-position input attenuation switch (OdE, -20dB, -40dB) facilitates proper output signal levels for optimum level matching to connected equipment.
  • Switchable ground 11ft eliminates ground loop hum problems.
  • Rugged, roadworthy all-steel construction for years of continuous reliability. is a Canadian authorized BRTB retailer.

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