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Event 20/20BAS Bi-Amped Powered Studio Monitors (Pair)

Model: 2020BAS PR

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About: Event 20/20BAS Bi-Amped Powered Studio Monitors (Pair)

First released in 1995, the original 20/20 nearfield studio monitor revolutionised the recording industry and secured itself a place in the hearts of audio engineers the world over for its truthful reproduction and outstanding sonic character.

Now Event is proud to announce a new generation of clarity, transparency and definition with the release of the 20/20BAS. This two-way front ported speaker incorporates a number of fundamental improvements over the original model while remaining true to its tonal character and performance strengths.

Event's engineering team used ideas and technologies from its flagship Opal speaker in order to achieve performance in keeping with the company design philosophy of high output, low distortion and excellent dynamics.

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