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Dynaudio BM14S II Active Subwoofer

Model: BM14SII

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About: Dynaudio BM14S II Active Subwoofer

The Dynaudio tradition continues in the new II-series subs, delivering Dynaudio's premium, professional sound quality and performance. Dynaudio Professional II-series precision subwoofers are made in Denmark using hand-crafted drivers that have made Dynaudio the industry standard in studios the world over.

The BM14S II is a precision subwoofer specifically designed to complement BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII monitors, adding extended bass in mid-sized mixing and recording environments.


  • 12" woofer with pure aluminum voice coil. 300W @ 4 ohm
  • Phase adjustment in 0° / 180°; Auto on/off, power LED;
  • Selectable LFE or slave mode
  • Discrete LFE input, slave output for linking
  • Seamless adjustment of low-pass corner frequencies
  • SAT/SUB high-pass adjustment: Flat, 60 Hz, 80 Hz.
  • Closed cabinet for extremely precise low frequency reproduction is a Canadian authorized Dynaudio retailer.

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