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SM Pro Audio M-Patch Active-1 Precision Monitor Control

Model: SM Active1

SM Pro Audio M-Patch Active-1 Precision Monitor Control
SM Pro Audio M-Patch Active-1 Precision Monitor Control
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About: SM Pro Audio M-Patch Active-1 Precision Monitor Control

The M-PATCH ACTIVE-1 accommodates four input sources (3 x stereo analog and 1 x USB) and three stereo analog outputs plus USB. In addition to the core functionality of providing seamless A/B switching between input signals and output speaker monitor systems, the ACTIVE-1 delivers a full complement of audio monitoring functions, including precision volume control, mono summing, mute, and dim (ducking). A handy footswitch-activated talk-back function, complete with on-board condenser microphone and selectable routing, has also been integrated, making the ACTIVE-1 the ideal low-cost solution for a broad range of studio production applications.

Designed to provide the lowest-noise operation possible in an active monitor controller, the ACTIVE-1 is ideal for applications where both signal attenuation and boost is needed. In addition to the feature complement found on the PASSIVE-1, the ACTIVE-1 also includes LED level metering and convenient switch-selectable +4dBu/-10dBV input stage operation.

The ACTIVE-1 features on-board USB, allowing for direct digital audio recording and playback when used with a computer DAW. The USB output mirrors the signals appearing at the analog 2 Track outputs, while the computer’s L/R output feeds the USB in.

Housed in a sturdy metal chassis and fitted with a durable array of switches and secure connectors, the ACTIVE-1 is built to provide years of worry-free operation.


  • 4 inputs
  • 4 outputs
  • USB Input and Output
  • 2 headphone amps
  • Footswitch-Controlled Talkback
  • Built-in Talkback Mic
  • Mono summing
  • Dim switch
  • A/B Speaker Switching
  • Precision Rotary Attenuator
  • Level meters

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Reviews: SM Pro Audio M-Patch Active-1 Precision Monitor Control

Bruce E. - 02/20/2015

Meters and lights are nice to have.
USB input
Nice compact unit, but not too small either. (A little smaller footprint than a Big Knob)
Sounds great. Nice and quiet.
Headphone monitors nice and loud.
Metal construction seems heavy duty.

When I unpacked it, the unit had a loose motherboard screw rolling around inside, I had to disassemble unit and fix that.

Mute button also fell off, I had to glue it on. Hope the other buttons hold up better. :(

no printed manual

I really like this unit, it's small but powerful, and super handy for relaying different sources to my monitors. I originally bought a Big Knob, but that was defective and I had to return it. I saw this model was out, so thought I'd try it and compare. I actually prefer this unit to the Big Knob, the USB input and output is handy. I just hope the loose screw and mute button falling off are the end of the problems I have with this unit.

Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Warranty: SM Pro Audio M-Patch Active-1 Precision Monitor Control Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

1 Year Warranty