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FiiO Mont Blanc E12A IEM Headphone Amplifier

Model: E12A

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About: FiiO Mont Blanc E12A IEM Headphone Amplifier

The Fiio E12A is designed around the MUSES02 by MUSE, the audiophile semiconductor division of New Japan Radio Co Ltd., achieving unparalleled subjective and objective quality. Coupled with the LME49600 buffer to achieve <0.0003% distortion and increased signal to noise ration of 115db.

Metal film resistors
Utilizing precision metal film resistors for minimum nose and ideal channel balance.

Optimized sound tuning
Targeting IEM use, the E12A has optimized power output and sound tuning for IEMs and velvety black noise floor.

Intuitive Contols
The gain switch on the E12A is now an easily accessible leaver switch; A separate bass boost switch provides easy matching to different earphones and music styles. The E12A’s charging indicator light pulsates when charging.

Durable aluminum alloy chassis
The E12A employs a durable unibody chassis of aluminum alloy, with an all-new titanium color.

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