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Magix SpectraLayers Pro 3 (Download)

Model: 1035-465

Magix SpectraLayers Pro 3 (Download)
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About: Magix SpectraLayers Pro 3 (Download)

SpectraLayers Pro 3 is the revolutionary, award-winning software application that stands as the undisputed leader in today's audio spectrum editing movement. Extracting, layering, and processing audio in the spectral realm is now even quicker and easier in SpectraLayers Pro 3, which features a significantly faster processing engine, seamless interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11, and a host of new tools, methodologies, and user interface improvements for even more convenience, creative options, and enhanced workflow. Spectral editing capability is now an expected, essential, and affordable tool for all audio professionals. Take it to the extreme with SpectraLayers Pro 3—available for both Mac and PC.

Smart editing tools

Five configurable extraction tools—Area, Frequency, Harmonics, Shape, and Noise—predict what your desired selection should be. Dial them in to highlight only what you need, quickly, cleanly, and intuitively. More about smart editing tools.

Layer-to-layer copy/paste

SpectraLayers Pro 3 takes audio copy and paste functionality into whole new dimensions. Shuttling blocks of sound between layers can be useful in analysis and repair tasks as well as for radically creative arranging, rearranging, and sound remixing.

Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding™

In SpectraLayers Pro 3, you can use the frequency spectrum of one layer as a mold or cast for carving an impression of its frequency signature directly into the spectrum of a second layer. The enormous sound design capabilities of this feature are poised to take creative music and sound design to an unprecedented new level.

Interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11

Transfer audio data between SpectraLayers Pro 3 and Sound Forge Pro 11 and experience the thrill of working freely across the world's premiere waveform and spectral editing applications.

View, modify, and draw tools

SpectraLayers Pro 3 turns sound into a three-dimensional world of eye candy that can be entered and operated on using configurable tools. From research science to mad science, these tools are indispensable for achieving the ideal edit every time.

Noise reduction

You'll never again see unwanted noise in the same light after working with it in SpectraLayers Pro 3. is a Canadian authorized Magix retailer.

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