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Muse Receptor 2+

Model: R2+

Muse Receptor 2+
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About: Muse Receptor 2+

RECEPTOR 2+ Hardware Plug-in Player
The powerful, affordable Receptor

The RECEPTOR 2+ is a high-performance, super-stable dedicated hardware plug-in player that runs hundreds of virtual instruments and effects with the convenience and portability of dedicated hardware. The RECEPTOR 2+ uses a dual-core AMD processor and a 750GB SATA 2 hard drive and provides significant performance power.

Includes Plugsound Box Collection for free!!

The RECEPTOR 2+ comes with1 $700 worth of sounds in the form of the Univers Sons Plugsound BOX pre-installed and ready to use. A gorgeous sounding collection of presets that rivals any dedicated synth or sampler you can find on the market. You'll find that RECEPTOR 2+ enables you to start making music instantly with minimal hassle and maximum results.

RECEPTOR 2+–Versatile and Affordable

Keyboardists and guitarists will love how RECEPTOR 2+ makes their plug-ins perform and feel like real instruments, by running them with super-low latency and massive polyphony. The RECEPTOR 2+'s hardware and software has been designed for optimized performance of your favorite virtual instruments and effects, and combines this performance with a number of unique features that make RECEPTOR the ultimate musical instrument.

Advanced features such as Z-Load, Snapshots, our Unified Preset Access feature, and the powerful MIDI filter make this the ideal tool for creating, manipulating and performing with your virtual instruments and effects. Keyboardists will love the 750GB drive for storing all their sample libraries, and guitarists will love the optimized OS for loading up tons of instantly accessible tones and playing with low latency. And all will love the exceptional audio quality of Receptor, making it the choice of touring and studio professionals the world over.


  • 750 GB drive
  • 4 GB memory
  • 2.8 Ghz Dual-Core AMD processor

 including over a WiFi connection (Wireless router and wireless enabled computer necessary.)

  • Transfer files and back up your RECEPTOR in no time.
  • Use UniWire to accelerate your DAW's performance by running all your power-hungry virtual instruments and effects on the super-stable RECEPTOR 2+, RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX.
  • Versatile Muse software: Built on top of Linux for more efficient memory usage that prioritizes audio tasks over all others.
    • Easy sound selection: Select presets without having to open a plug-in interface. You control all aspects of a plug-in as well as the mixer itself using MIDI.
    • Versatility: Quickly create splits and layers, as well as re-channelizing and re-pitching your sounds instantly.
    • Universal Preset Access: Every instrument and effect presents its presets in a consistent and straightforward way on RECEPTOR's built-in interface so you spend more time making music.
    • Exclusive Z-Load feature: Once you instantiate a plug-in the first time, subsequent instantiations are almost instantaneous so you can make more music with less waiting.
    • Snapshot banks: Quickly switch from one sound to the next without waiting for samples to load. Perfect for live performance.
    • The MIDI filter's "patch bay" function: Re-channelize incoming MIDI to play other channels, as well as transpose incoming MIDI to play different pitches.
    • Ultra-flexible: Load up to 16 instruments in a bank, and selectively layer, split, and transpose any of the instruments with a simple program change. Add new plug-ins at any time.
    • Automatic recall: Remembers the last bank when you turn it on again – nothing to load or set up.
    • Enhanced USB peripheral compatibility: Improved USB driver allows hot plugging a large range of peripherals like MIDI and ASCII keyboards as well as mice.
    • Graphical interface: Easily browse through sounds using Muse's graphical interface – sounds load instantly.
  • Expandable: Connect up to ten RECEPTOR 2+, RECEPTOR 2+ PRO or RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAXs to your computer, letting you add additional power as your needs require.
  • High-quality I/O: Our legendary audio I/O design, with 24-bit codecs, balanced line level inputs and outputs on 1/4" TRS connectors, super-clean front-panel instrument input, ADAT optical 8-channel digital output, and support for up to 96kHz sample rates.
  • Highly tweaked audio I/O drivers: Avoid the annoying conflicts and latency that plagues most computer systems.
  • Interface flexibility: Attach a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the back panel to view our mixer-like software interface in action. You can also edit your virtual instruments and effects using their GUIs.
  • Bundled Virtual Instruments include the entire Ultimate Sound Bank (USB) Plugsound BOX, a collection of six different instrument based on the UVI engine, as well as Amplitube Duo from IK Multimedia.
  • 100's of presets ready to go covering a wide variety of musical styles.
  • Starts fast, super stable: Eliminate time-consuming re-boots and other computer-freezing conflicts.
  • New Energy Star™ compliant, auto-ranging power supply: with over 80% efficiency at all voltages from 100 to 240V AC (it works anywhere in the world).
  • Looks amazing: New blue-backlit LCD display, beautiful new milled aluminum knobs, and a cool, an anodized aluminum front panel.
  • Great sound, no headaches: Invest in a platform that will not only save you time, money and headaches, but will also make you sound better than you ever thought possible. is a Canadian authorized Muse Research retailer.

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Muse Research and Development, Inc. (MRD) warrants each MRD hardware product to be free of material hardware defects for 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase by the original customer, and will, at its option, repair or replace any such defect according to the terms of this Standard Warranty.