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Cymatic Audio uTrack24 24-in / 24-out Recorder-Player-Interface

Model: uTrack24

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About: Cymatic Audio uTrack24 24-in / 24-out Recorder-Player-Interface

Three products in one, the uTrack24 represents an unprecedented value.

24-Channel Multi-Track Recorder

  • Allows connection of 24 channels of balanced input/output through 25-pin D-Sub connectors
  • Alternate format 24x24 I/O using optional digital expansion module
  • 24-bit resolution, 96kHz sample rate
  • Records directly to off-the-shelf USB hard drives attached to convenient front-panel USB port
  • 3-segment hardware input metering per input channel
  • Large, easy to use illuminated front panel transport controls
  • Internal DSP mixer allows internal monitoring of stereo mix of all 24 inputs through front-panel headphone output. Adjust level, panning, mute, and solo for all 24-inputs while enjoying detailed 24-segment hardware input metering, all with no external mixer required!
  • Synchronize two uTrack 24 recorders for a total track count of 48 tracks
  • RJ-45 Network connection allowing for future implementation of remote control from external software (not yet available)
  • BNC Word Clock Input/Output allows integration into larger digital systems
  • Large, detailed LCD screen, dedicated menu buttons, and rotary push control allow for fast and intuitive adjustment of various settings

24-Channel Multi-Track Player

  • Play back up to 24 tracks of audio, perfect for “virtual sound check” duties or augmenting live players with pre-recorded tracks
  • Play back of Standard MIDI Files
  • Free, downloadable playlist editor allows you to easily create custom audio playlists, with customization capabilities such as:
  • Assigning an audio file’s output channel
  • Creating set lists
  • Set pause times between songs
  • Assigning continuous play between songs
  • Edit song order, on the fly, from the front panel
  • Playback Start and Stop via front-panel footswitch input
  • Loop playback and mark-in/mark-out points allows for easy looping

24-input, 24-output Computer Audio Interface

  • The uTrack24 also works as a powerful and affordable 24x24 computer audio interface
  • Dedicated control room and headphone outputs with individual hardware level controls
  • 24-bit/96kHz support
  • Compatible with OSX, Windows, and iOS

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