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IK Multimedia iRig Pro + iRig BlueBoard Bundle


IK Multimedia iRig Pro + iRig BlueBoard Bundle
IK Multimedia iRig Pro + iRig BlueBoard Bundle
IK Multimedia iRig Pro + iRig BlueBoard Bundle
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About: IK Multimedia iRig Pro + iRig BlueBoard Bundle

This bundle includes:

1 x iK iRig PRO Audio interface

1 x iK iRig Blueboard bluetooth pedalboard / controller

iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard for iOS and Mac that allows you to control your music apps and more from the floor.

Now control parameters of your favorite MIDI-compatible apps like AmpliTube wirelessly from the floor. Switch between presets, change patches, turn effects on and off and control effects like volume and wah pedals without worrying about tripping over wires. Setup is as simple as turning the iRig BlueBoard on and telling it what you want to control.

iRig BlueBoard features four backlit soft-touch pads housed in a sturdy, a stage-worthy chassis, two TRS expansion jacks for connecting additional MIDI controllers like expression pedals and it's powered by four standard AAA batteries.

iRig PRO is the first full-featured compact audio and MIDI interface you can use with your XLR microphones, your guitar and bass, your keyboard or other line-level source and your MIDI controllers. It features an XLR/1/4" combo jack for connecting microphones and instruments (accepts XLR and 1/4" TS cables), and a MIDI input for plugging in your favorite controller.

Now when you're on the go, you can record vocals, harmonies, acoustic instruments, electric guitar/bass, keyboards and more without changing your interface and disrupting your creative flow. You will find iRig PRO to be the most versatile iPhone and iPad accessory in your gig bag. And when you get back to your Mac, plug iRig PRO into your USB port and keep jamming away on your laptop or desktop. is a Canadian authorized IK Multimedia retailer.

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