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RME BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box

Model: BOB32

RME BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box
RME BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box
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About: RME BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box

The BOB-32 Breakout Box is an advanced solution for interconnecting multichannel XLRs and D-subs. The box connects 2 x 8 XLR connectors with two 25-pin D-sub connectors, working basically like two breakout cables. All 16 XLR connectors can be connected to the 19” rack mount unit instead of a usual multicore breakout cable, preventing cable chaos, errors and connection problems. BOB-32 is pin compatible to the digital TASCAM (=RME) and Yamaha formats. Therefore it is a perfect partner for the HDSP AES-32, the HDSPe AES and many other units having digital audio D-sub I/Os.


The BOB-32 allows to change rack brackets and handles from front to rear and thus to change XLR or D-sub from front to rear as well. This way a BOB will perfectly fit in every rack and working situation.

Revolutionary new option: Simply fold the case in the middle to arrange both sides to one side. All connectors appear on front or rear only, as a two height unit within the rack.

Tech Specs

  • 8 x XLR Output
  • 8 x XLR Input
  • 2 x D-sub 25-pin connectors
  • supports RME (=Tascam) and Yamaha-Formats (Pinout internal switchable)
  • 19" Rack with Flip-Frame (1 or 2 HE)

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