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Tascam AK-DR11C DR-Series DSLR Recording Accessory Pack

Model: AK-DR11C

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About: Tascam AK-DR11C DR-Series DSLR Recording Accessory Pack

Includes all the accessories you need for your DR-series recorder when used in a DSLR setup!

Attenuator cable for optimum audio connection to camera
The DR-series recorders have a higher signal than most cameras' are designed to take. The sound quality declines when it is directly connected to the input of a DSLR camera, utilizing an attenuator cable will properly adjust the signal of the recorder's headphone output.

Splitter cable for simultaneous headphone and camera connection
Many handheld recorders use the headphone output connector when in use with a camera. In this case, your headphones are obsolete. By using the splitter cable, you will be able to use both headphones and connect to the camera.

Furry windscreen to reduce wind noise

When filming outdoors, even a slight breeze can enter the mic and cause wind noise. Applying the furry windscreen atop your device will prevent this interrupting noise.

Camera shoe-mount adapter

This will allow you to mount the handheld recorder to the accessory shoe of a DSLR camera or video camera.

Soft carrying case

A conveniently portable soft case made of durable fabric.

Compatible Models: DR-05, DR-07MKII, DR-22WL, DR-40, DR-100MKII

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