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Rosco Roscolux 18 Flame Gel Sheet

Model: 100000182024

Rosco Roscolux 18 Flame Gel Sheet
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About: Rosco Roscolux 18 Flame Gel Sheet

Filters create color by subtracting certain wavelengths of color. Thus, a red filter absorbs blue and green, allowing only the red wavelengths to pass. The process is subtractive, not additive, so the light source must emit a full spectrum.

Roscolux is comprised of two types of plastic. More than 65% of the line is made from co-extruded polycarbonate plastic. The remainder of the line is deep dyed polyester.

Gel Sheet Size: 20in x 24in

Also available as a roll - please call for details is a Canadian authorized Rosco retailer.

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