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Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head

Model: Rogue R1 Beam

Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head
Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head
Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head
Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head
Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head
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About: Chauvet Rogue R1 Beam Moving Head

Rogue™ R1 Beam is the perfect beam fixture for productions of all scope, featuring a bright Osram Sirius 132-W HRI lamp that allows the R1 Beam to punch through fog, haze, and atmosphere anywhere. Rogue™ R1 Beam is an exceptional value proposition, featuring a unique fixed color wheel with 14 slots plus white that allows not only for split colors, but also for continuous and variable speed scrolling of the entire color wheel. Rogue™ R1 Beam's game changer is the set of 2 prisms, one 5-facet and one 8-facet, that can be layered, independently rotating and controllable, to give your design never seen before aerial and gobo effects. Rogue™ R1 Beam has one steel gobo wheel with 17 slots plus open, featuring aerial gobos and a mix of apertures for tightly collimated beam looks. Rogue™ R1 Beam is tough, and comes with industry-standard Neutrik® powerCON® power input/output connections for power linking, and 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections for ease of use.


•  Bright, punchy beam with 78,700 lux @ 15 m using Osram’s Sirius 132-W HRI lamp
•  17 gobos with continuous variable wheel scroll
•  Two prisms, 5-facet and 8-facet, independently controllable for amazing gobo effects
•  Color wheel with 14 colors, split color ability, and continuous variable-speed scrolling
•  Neutrik® powerCON® power input connection
•  3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections
•  Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility


• DMX Channels: 15 or 19
• Data Connectors: 3- and 5-pin XLR
• Light Source: Osram Sirius lamp, 132 W, 9200 K, 6,000 hours of lamp life
• Pan and Tilt: 540°/270°
• Pan and Tilt Ranges: 180°, 360°, 540° pan/90°, 180°, 270° tilt
• Automatic Pan/Tilt Correction: Yes
• Colors: 14 + white, split colors, continuous scroll at variable speeds
• Gobos: 17 + open (17 metal), continuous scroll at variable speeds
• Prism (1): 5 Facets, motorized, rotating
• Prism (2): 8 Facets, motorized, rotating
• Dimmer: Motorized
• Focus: Motorized
• Shutter/Strobe: Motorized
• Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz
• Beam Angle: 1°
• Field Angle: 2°
• Illuminance (total): 78,700 lux @ 15 m
• Color Temperature (at full): 8000 K
• IP Rating: IP20, dry location
• Cable Length: 5 ft (1.5 m)
• Power Connection: Edison plug to Neutrik® powerCON®
• Power Input: Neutrik® powerCON®
• Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
• Power and Current: 263 W, 2.4 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
• Power and Current: 253 W, 1.2 A @ 208 V, 60 Hz
• Power and Current: 265 W, 1.1 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
• Weight: 38.8 lb (17.6 kg)
• Dimensions: 11.1 x 14.2 x 17.5 in (282 x 360 x 445 mm)
• Approvals: CE, MET

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