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X-Laser X4G MKII Quad Aperture Green Laser

Model: XL X4G MKII

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About: X-Laser X4G MKII Quad Aperture Green Laser

Featuring X-Laser’s Cold Beam Technology© and now ZERO splitting optic loss, the X4G MKII is simply the brightest green laser projector in its power class. Pushing four separate, symmetrically moving apertures of punchy green laser, the X4G MKII can throw beams hundreds of feet across the widest areas. The X4G MKII is a true turn-key solution for any venue or mobile DJ looking for stunning, high-powered green laser effects in one complete package. Aerial effect lasers don’t get much better than this.


  • Four extremely bright green laser pods
  • More than 100 built-in static and dynamic patterns and more than 300 built-in effects
  • Zero splitting optic loss
  • Full X/Y axis control
  • Total control via DMX, Auto & Sound Active modes
  • Create dramatic “Liquid Sky” effects and more
  • Adjustable sound sensitivity
  • Low power consumption (40W)
  • Rugged metal safety-interlocking housing
  • X-Laser no-hassle warranty
  • X-Laser exclusive Cold Beam Technology© for safer laser light shows
  • Every X-Laser product is double quality checked in a 26-point inspection before shipping
  • Includes detailed user information, beam blocks, and the X-Laser 3B User DVD with laser training resources, safety materials, marketing images, and more! is a Canadian authorized X-Laser retailer.

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