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X-Laser X-POD 200R 200mW Red Laser POD

Model: XL X-POD 200R

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About: X-Laser X-POD 200R 200mW Red Laser POD

From the innovative minds at X-Laser comes the new, patent-pending, X-POD Laser Show System. The X-POD Laser Show System takes a beautiful new approach to creating massive “Star Wars” or “laser net” effects that are popular in live performances and attractions. Powerful, endlessly flexible and infinitely scalable, a single X-POD system can project beams across a 160,000-square foot area using projectors no larger than a smartphone. X-POD systems can be easily incorporated into television, film and theatre sets, nightclubs, concerts, attractions and more.


  • Super versatile: POD heads have almost the same footprint as a smartphone, allowing them to be hidden in trussing, scenery or even costumes.
  • PODS Create “Triple-Thick” Beams: X-POD heads use a special optical train to create high-intensity, highly visible thick laser beams to maximize their effect over a large area.
  • No bounce mirrors required: Though it is easy to bounce X-POD beams in most cases, the flexibility of putting a laser head anywhere within about 200 feet of the router virtually eliminates the need to rig, focus, and refocus bounce mirrors.
  • Total control: The X-POD Router features virtually every kind of laser effect control, including sound active, auto, master/slave, DMX, and even serial control.
  • Advanced Head Select (AHS) Mode: AHS mode allows you to choose to activate any head or heads, in any combination, at any time via DMX for specific effects or pixel mapping. is a Canadian authorized X-Laser retailer.

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