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X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle

Model: XL Mobile Beat MAX Bundle

X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle
X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle
X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle
X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle
X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle
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About: X-Laser Mobile Beat Max Bundle

The Mobile Beat MAX advances entry-level laser systems to a whole new dimension. We started by upgrading the scanners to the new Sweep Scan II system, which maintains aerial beam speeds over the full zoom range and renders text and graphics with greater accuracy than ever before. We added higher-power, high-spectral laser sources to create hundreds of bright, dynamic colors thanks to a new analog additive color mixing engine. With the highest power possible in Class 3B, the Mobile Beat MAX delivers 1W of apparent brightness, creating brighter and safer laser light shows. Powerful effects, precise control with DMX or ILDA, and the some of the best laser technology in the world has just been packed into an FDA-certified, affordable laser system: the Mobile Beat MAX.


  • Highest-powered Class 3B laser system available
  • High-spectral laser sources create hundreds of colors
  • Filtered air intakes keep the Mobile Beat MAX cool and clean
  • All-new Sweep Scan II scanning system
  • Field-serviceable optics allow for easy maintenance
  • Control via ILDA and DMX-adjustable auto and sound active modes
  • Rugged Type II anodized aluminum housing
  • Ideal for mobile, light touring and fixed installations
  • No external power supply required
  • X-Laser No-Hassle 1-Year Factory warranty
  • 26-point quality control inspection before shipping
  • Our EZ Variance Kit helps acquire your variance quickly and easily
  • Includes detailed user information, Beam blocks, and the X-Laser 3B User DVD

EZ Varience Kit

  • Convenient: Complete the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit online from virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes. Our EZ Variance card takes you through a simple 5 step online application, with full approvals averaging only 45 days.
  • Reliable: The EZ Variance Kit actually works, and we have obtained more approved variances over the last few years for our clients than every other firm in the world combined. Don’t be fooled by imitations that are “free,” but may never be approved.
  • Safety Focused: While the EZ Variance Kit is in fact very easy to complete, it is much more than just completed paperwork. Each application comes with very easy to follow training materials. This helps ensure that each applicant is aware of the best safety practices, and has a base level of knowledge, so that they can use our products safely in most applications before they file.
  • Legitimate: X-Laser is the only high powered laser manufacturer that guarantees that your application will be approved (subject to minor exceptions such as those who are not eligible to have a variance) and will handle all FDA correspondence to ensure that it is. Our first priority is keeping you safe & legal.
  • Flexible: While the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit can only be used with X-Laser brand projectors, only one kit is needed per owner or venue. The EZ Variance, EZ Re-Variance and EZ Audience Scanning Variance cover everything from new X-laser purchases, extending a variance to previously owned X-Laser’s, X-Laser Polaris audience scanning systems & more.

*Please note that X-Laser’s EZ Variance Kit will only work for those with a genuine X-Laser Class IIIB or IV high powered laser system. That is not for vanity, it is for our security and yours. Each kit contains subtle security measures which make duplicated and inappropriately filed applications extremely obvious to both us and FDA personnel reviewing the application. If you have any questions, please contact your favorite X-Laser dealer BEFORE purchasing the kit as they are one-time-use only and are

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