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Rosco SimpleSpin Dual Gobo Rotator

Model: 205631000000

Rosco SimpleSpin Dual Gobo Rotator
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About: Rosco SimpleSpin Dual Gobo Rotator

Reflected water, flickering fire, gentle rain, blowing clouds, swaying trees, rippling waves, shimmering light, exploding fireworks, spiraling tornadoes, twinkling stars, morphing textures, spinning logos, eye-catching signage. This is just part of an endless list if effects that lighting designers will create using the SimpleSpin™ dual gobo rotator and Rosco steel and glass gobos.

Features and benefits of the SimpleSpin™

  • Hi temperature silicon belt drive for silent operation
  • 100-240v auto sensing internal power supply for global installation
  • Precise and reliable stepper motor provides constant torque to prevent stalls even at slow speeds
  • Advanced electronics allow for a dimmer-remote mode
  • Gobo installs using a unique threaded collar to prevent slipping with gobos from 0.1 - 3.5mm thick
  • Innovative "Friction Lock" for secure installation
  • Convenience controls to reverse direction and black out indicator lights

Value Engineered
SimpleSpin™ combines the perfect mix of a budget conscious price tag and features that really matter to a designer, electrician or event planner. A single, variable speed stepper motor is used to rotate two B size gobos. Always rotating in opposition, the movement can be as slow as 0.5rpm for building subtle, naturalistic effects. The maximum speed of 24rpm is perfect for creating a raging inferno or wild kinetic effects.

Simple and Sophisticated
SimpleSpin™ is primarily a manual control, "set and forget" device. Define the perfect look for your lighting effect by precisely trimming the speed control knob and then simply power the SimpleSpin™ up and down from the mains. This is especially convenient in venues where more sophisticated DMX control is either unavailable or unnecessary. In instances where varying speed control is needed, SimpleSpin™ can be plugged into a dimmer and controlled by a lighting desk. Configured this way, the speed of rotation will increase or decrease as the level on the dimmer goes up or down.

"Stall proof" is how one technician described the SimpleSpin™. Using a stepper motor and thoughtfully engineered control circuitry avoids one of the most common complaints lodged against budget rotators - low speed stalls and insufficient torque.


  • Power: 100-240vAC 50/60hz 1A max
  • Connector Type: IEC C13 on Mains power cable
  • Fixture Compatibility: ETC Source Four, ETC S4 Zoom, Selecon Pacific, Selecon Pacific Zoom, Altman Shakespeare
  • Gobo Type: Metal, Glass, Effects Glass
  • Gobo Size: OD Max 86mm (3.39in), OD Min 80mm (3.15in), IA Max 75mm (2.95), Thickness Max: 3.5mm (0.14in)
  • Speed: 0.5rpm - 24rpm
  • Control: On board potentiometer Dimmer-Remote Option
  • Physical: 4.67in x 10.375in x 0.53/2.4in, 119mm x 263.5mm x 13.5/62mm
  • Weight: 22.4 oz (630g)
  • Carton: 11.625 x 11.25 x 3.5in is a Canadian authorized Rosco retailer.

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