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American DJ F-Scents Fog Juice Scent - Lemon


American DJ F-Scents Fog Juice Scent - Lemon
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About: American DJ F-Scents Fog Juice Scent - Lemon

To add scent, simply pour a 1 ounce bottle of American DJ F-Scent™ Fog Juice Scent to a gallon; 5 bottles in a 5 gallon container, or 1/4 of a bottle in a quart bottle of unscented fog juice. F-Scents™ is made from water base materials

UPC: 640282020503 is a Canadian authorized American DJ retailer.

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30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

<ul> <li>Lighting Products = 1-year (365 days) Limited Warranty&nbsp;(Such as: Special Effect Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, UV lighting, Strobes, Fog Machines, Bubble Machines, Mirror Balls, Par&nbsp; Cans, Trussing, Lighting Stands etc. excluding LED and lamps)&nbsp;</li> <li>Laser Products = 1 Year (365 Days) Limited Warranty&nbsp;(excluding laser diodes which have a 6 month limited warranty)</li> <li>L.E.D. Products = 2-year (730 days) Limited Warranty&nbsp;(excluding motors, PCB boards, and power supplies, which have a 1-year (365 day Limited Warranty) batteries which have a 180 day limited warranty). Only the L.E.D.s carry a 2-year warranty (excluding StarTec Series which a carries a 1 Year Limited Warranty) Note: 2 Year Warranty only applies to purchases within the United States.</li> <li>ADJ DMX Controllers = 2 Year (730 Days) Limited Warranty&nbsp;(excluding faders and tact switches)</li> </ul>

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