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ENTTEC D-PRO 8 Lighting Control Software

Model: D-PRO8

ENTTEC D-PRO 8 Lighting Control Software
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8 Universe$639.00
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About: ENTTEC D-PRO 8 Lighting Control Software

D-PRO 8 Universe (4096 Channels) With Licence Dongle

Lighting Control has never been easier
Running through preset lighting cues or busking a show has never been easier. With D-Pro lighting control is at your fingertips. Learn the interface quickly thanks to the intuitive layout. The most demanding users will also feel at ease with the extensive list of advanced features. D-PRO truly is the best software in it's class.

Lighting control for Apple Mac or Windows PC
Mac or PC, you don't need to choose anymore. D-PRO runs seemlessly on both platforms in 32 or 64 bit. Giving you the same interface you can switch as you change systems

Connectivity as you want it
Control you lights using our award winning DMX USB Pro Mk2 or industry standard Art-Net devices . Connect any midi surface or the dedicated Enttec wings for that hands on feel to lighting control.

Run your shows without the computer
Export your show from D-PRO into the multipurpose Datagate Mk2 for automated reply of your cues. Stability and reliablity for the critical architectural shows.

Software Features

  • Unlimited Groups, Unlimited Palletes and, Unlimited Cues allowed !
  • With the Advanced Timing feature, any category of attributes for any fixture can have its own time in a cue, separate from the overall cue timing.
  • A concept familiar to many moving light console users, the "Programmer" area allows live edits to be made, and saved as a cue, group, or palette.
  • D-PRO employs standard editing conventions for cutting, pasting and copying so it's easy to learn and powerful to use.
  • 2 Universe (1024 DMX Channels) and 8 Universe (4096 DMX Channels) licenses.
  • Dongle licensing on the 8 Universe version

Supported ENTTEC Hardware

  • ODE (Open DMX Ethernet)
  • Playback Wing
  • Program Wing
  • Shortcut Wing


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