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Rosco Miro Cube UV 9x15W Dimmable LED UV Light

Model: 515900501075

Rosco Miro Cube UV 9x15W Dimmable LED UV Light
Rosco Miro Cube UV 9x15W Dimmable LED UV Light
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About: Rosco Miro Cube UV 9x15W Dimmable LED UV Light

Ideally suited for theme parks, night clubs, casinos, museums and stage applications, Miro Cube™ UV is the smallest, most affordable, high-powered UV light available to lighting professionals. Drawing just 50 watts, it outperforms conventional long throw fixtures that use 5 times the power, weigh 10 times more and need an expensive lamp change every 1000 hours! The fixture allows for full speed, 8 and 16 bit DMX dimming and standalone control (without a DMX source) via a rear-mounted, full text, LCD display.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimal UV output creates stunning, bright black light effects on paint, makeup and other fluorescent materials
  • High powered LED emitters with a 20,000 hour life for a virtually maintenance free installation
  • Draws just 48W but brighter than 250w, hot metal discharge lamps
  • No expensive, heavy power supply unit or ballast required. Directly connect 90-240vAC mains power
  • Comes with a complete lens set including: 20° spot, 40° medium and 60° wide flood
  • Flicker free DMX dimming (0 ~ 100%) and control
  • Intuitive full text LCD panel for manual operation
  • Compact design suitable for mounting in small spaces or museum/themed installations
  • Track Light mounting adapters available for many common track brands or with our fully integrated DMX Data Track
  • Auto temperature sensing with fault detection and protection
  • ETL listed

Optimal Output 
With LEDs tuned to a narrow 385nm peak output, the Miro Cube UV does one thing extremely well - it makes fluorescent scenery, make-up and plastics glow amazingly bright! An astounding energy output of 6,600mW can be controlled and spread using the included set of lenses to create an ultra-long throw fixture or opened to full flood for lighting a wide expanse of fluorescent scenery from a short distance. The Miro Cube UV comes standard with Rosco's unique dichroic glass technology that filters out almost all of the visible light - removing any unwanted, indigo, visible glow. An "invisible glass" option is available for installations such as dark rides that desire to remove 100% of the visible light from the output. And, for the first time ever, designers can fade the black light effect with a full range of flicker free dimming.

Innovative Compact Design 
Very little space is wasted in the elegant, rugged design of the Miro Cube. Our unique, patent-pending heat management system allows 50 watts of LEDs to be packed into a tiny 4 inch cube - a fraction of the space needed by the most popular, comparable black lights on the market. The Miro Cube has been engineered to be durable, reliable and affordable without sacrificing the qualities expected by demanding lighting professionals.

Hassle-Free Maintenance 
The Miro Cube UV's 20,000 hour life eliminates the regular and costly lamp changes required with traditional UV luminaires. No hot, power hungry ballasts to cool and replace means less cooling expenses and fewer fragile components to fail. Miro Cube's standard fault detection and protection systems prevent power spikes, environmental extremes and mechanical failures from permanently damaging the cube.

Sophisticated yet Simple 
Ready for the most demanding professional environments, the Miro Cube is powered by a positive locking Neutrik Powercon connector and has 5-pin XLR connectors for DMX input and output. Two universes of high speed DMX512 in 8 or 16 bit resolution allow for completely flicker-free dimming from your console. An optional "Filament Mode" can be set to mimic the fade of an incandescent lamp going to black. For use without DMX, an intuitive full text LCD control panel allows manual control of the UV output of the fixture.

Versatile and Modular 
Miro Cubes are small enough to be built into scenery or soffits, and light enough to mount as a track light. A novel yoke design allows cubes to be easily hung with c-clamps, configured in linear strips or stacked arrays, mounted on c-stands, fit with floor trunions, converted to canopy mount and retrofit with track hanging adapters - or virtually anything an installer requires.


  • LED: 9 x 5W UV emitters (subject to change without notification)
  • Output: 6600mW (no lens)
  • Lumen Maintenance: 20,000 hours L90 at 25°C
  • Color Range: Peak 380-385 nm
  • Operation: 
    • DMX: 8 or 16 bit DMX512
    • Manual: Full Text LCD user interface sets color output
  • Input Voltage: 90 - 240vAC 50/60Hz
  • Power/Data Connection: 
    • Neutrik Powercon - AC input
    • 5-pin XLR Male, 5-pin XLR female - DMX
  • Power Consumption: 48 watt at maximum output
  • Operating Temperature: -13° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
  • Humidity: 0 - 95% non condensing
  • Dimensions: 4in x 4in x 4.25in (100mm x 100mm x 108mm) without yoke
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
  • Housing: Powder coated aluminum extrusion (1/8 in wall)
  • Approvals and Listings: FCC Class A Radiated and Conducted, ETL / UL Standards 1573 and 8750,  cETL / CSA C22.2#166-M1983, CE, RoHS Compliant, IP20 Rated is a Canadian authorized Rosco retailer.

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