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VMS4 innoFADER Crossfader


VMS4 innoFADER Crossfader
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About: VMS4 innoFADER Crossfader

Get into the mix with the world's best crossfader, the innoFADER.

The popular American Audio VMS4 Midi controller is equipped with a “Hot Swapable” crossfader. Upgrade your VMS4 to a VMS4 innoFADERand enjoy benefits such as cut-in point and curve adjustments, 8mm solid steel fader stem and special tension adjust control features.

The VMS4 innoFADER has a whole arsenal of adjustments making it the most user friendly fader in the DJ scene. It comes complete with a solid steel 8mm fader stem, designed to withstand even that hardest battering from a heavy handed scratch DJ. Thanks to specially designed polished steel rails, the VMS4 innoFADER runs as smooth as butter, responding to even the lightest touch. It also boasts another first for any crossfader - onboard adjustment of both the cut-in point and the curve.

But that’s not all - if you prefer a little more resistance from your fader, the VMS4 innoFADER has a special tension adjust control. Understanding that a mixer will live or die simply by the feel of the fader, the innoFADER offers the best possible feel for the broadest range of DJs and styles. is a Canadian authorized American Audio retailer.

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